Community Providers

Our Network

HHUNY’s strengths are rooted in the network cultivated by our Health Home affiliates, Care Management Agencies, and Care Managers. Our goal is to reduce healthcare costs and focus on care that is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, person and family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally and linguistically effective.

Our Community Providers include:

  • Care Management Agencies
  • Medical & Behavioral Health Providers
  • Other Services Providers
  • Community Based Organizations

What is Health Home Care Management?

A Health Home is a Care Management model that provides individuals with access to a wide network of physical and behavioral health providers and community services. All of an individual’s service providers communicate to monitor and provide linkages with one another, to address an individual’s unique social, physical, and behavioral health needs in a comprehensive way. Health Homes are known to improve the health outcomes of individuals with chronic conditions (including mental health and substance use) and reduce inappropriate use of inpatient and emergency room care.

How Can Health Home Care Management Help You & Your Patients?

  • Work as an additional resource for your high-need patients
  • Provides a point-person for individuals to call and obtain assistance with concerns that are not medical in nature
  • Coordinates necessary community supports
  • Provides you with access to the Health Home Care Plan to keep you informed
  • Assists the individual with improving their quality of life
  • Adds value and support to the care already being provided, making your life easier
  • Works with you based upon your expectations:
    • Keeps you informed
    • Respects your critical role in supporting the individual’s recovery
    • Assists in achieving important outcomes
    • Appointment adherence
    • Medication adherence

What Makes HHUNY Care Management Different?

HHUNY Care Managers are resourceful, respectful, and available at flexible hours of the day that meet your needs, as well as the needs of your patients. We “do what it takes” to get the person the support they need.

  • Care Management begins within 24 hours for those referred while hospitalized
  • Immediate needs, such as housing, assisting with the arrangement of transportation and food are addressed first